What are the Myths about 5 a day?

Hi Peeps..! Carmen here again... sharing some interesting updates with you.... What are the myths about your 5 a day? If you watch Channel 4 Dispatches on Monday 16th July, you may have been shocked..!! The programme was looking at how the advertising affects how people view packaging such as 1 of your 5 a day.  Consumers were shown packaging and asked to comment on how they perceived such packaging.. How companies advertise there goods is not what I am discussing.  My point to share and highlight is that we as individuals owe it to ourself to do our own RESEARCH into what is healthy and unhealthy not to RELY on people telling us what is contained within the packaging.  We indeed need to educate ourselves.  By eating a healthy diet and exercising we can eliminate many toxins from our bodies leaving us feeling energised and feeling fit.  You are the only one who can change it - your body, your life, your choice! I choose life.. and you can too.. Choose the exercise that's right for you! Something you enjoy.. something fun.. that keeps you wanting more and feeling amazing during and after.. I have helped many individuals achieve their goals both mentally and physically, sometimes all we need is to believe in ourselves.. baby steps.. !!! Enjoy! Live life to the max..
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