Diet and Exercise can improve your quality of life

Hi there.. Carmen here again, bringing you some tips to help those of you that can struggle with diet and exercise.  Healthy living is not rocket science! Many of us know WHAT we should do and WHAT WE SHOULD EAT, to improve our energy levels, physiology and general well being.  Many of us wait until we have been diagnosed with heart dis-ease, diabetes, cancer before we will take action.
 The outlook for the next generation seems bleak. A staggering four out of five 13-15 year olds globally do not do the recommended 60 minutes of activity every day.  Our children look to us as role models, if we can show them what is healthy and beneficial, surely this is the first step for them to continue a healthy lifestyle. The recommended activity level is just 30 minutes per day of exercise 5 days per week - thats the minimum!! 

Merely starting any exercise is good, ask a friend to join you.. do something that you enjoy.. be it walking, running, playing tennis, cycling, or even kickboxing.. fun fit kickboxing targets, cardiovascular and muscle toning, helps to improve stamina burn those unwanted pounds in a friendly fun and safe environment. A class for everyone, remember its your workout, as hard or as easy to go at your own level.  Its not a competition! My main objective is to ensure all participants get a good workout! That's the key with my classes! Go on.. give it a go.. what have you got to lose????????? just some unwanted fat cells....!! Call me on 07969301731.. Thanks for reading! See you at class.. Carmen x