Hey Guys..!! Carmen here again bringing you some tips on health.. Are you a HEART ATTACK waiting to happen??? Do you know what you blood pressure is? Are you overweight? Do you eat a healthy diet? Do you lead a sedentary lifestyle?? or do you exercise? Are you active for at least 30 minutes per day? Do you smoke?  When was your last check up? Is there HEART ATTACK in your family? These questions may have provoked you to think hard about your health... I hope so.. Many of us do not check or go and seek medical attention until it is TOO LATE... Why? The problem will not go away.. !! Folks, it's really not rocket science.. life is precious.. far too many of us lose loved ones far too early.. Let's be PRO-ACTIVE AND NOT REACTIVE.. Value your life.. If something is niggling inside you.. the odd ache.. persistent symptoms..Go check it out today..!! Good Luck and Live your life to the MAX.. you only get one chance.. this is not a practice run!! xxx