About Carmen

Stockport,Cheshire, United Kingdom 
Based in Malaysia since 1997, returned to the UK in August 2010.

I Worked as a Freelance Personal Trainer and Health and Wellness professional.  Participants have even included the King Of Malaysia and his body guards!

Incorporating kick boxing into the training sessions has been really fulfilling. Both male and female clients enjoyed it immensely, partly due to the fact that the sessions were fun and interval based rather than block cardiovascular and resistance.
Now Stockport based.  My mission is to share my passion of kickboxing whilst helping individuals to increase their sense of well being from inside to the externals of their bodies, by exercise and fun. An excellent way to also meet new friends and gain added confidence within themselves.

Contact Carmen
Tel - 07969301731
Email -  empoweringtherapy4u@gmail.com
or funfitkickbox@gmail.com