Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is the  location?
Classes currently held at Meadow Mill, 3rd Floor, Water Street, Stockport SK1 2BX

  • How much are classes?
£5 per class on the door. 

  • How long is the class?
Normally 45 minutes to 1 hour (class time may vary depend on start time - generally 45 mins - 1 hour is the norm!) 

  • Never tried kickboxing before.. is that ok?
The class can accommodate beginners intermediate etc, is it your workout and you make it as easy or as hard as you require. The instructor will give alternatives.

  • It is male or females?
Female focused.

  • Age Group?
Any age group from 15 upwards (parental consent may be required if under 16)

  • Time of class
Tuesdays 7.30pm - Wednesday 8pm *maybe subject to change - check with Instructor.
  • What sort of structure is class?
Warm up class combo and cool down stretches. 
  • What to wear
Comfortable clothing joggers/shorts/t shirts - bring a towel/Mat and water -  a must!! Re-hydration very important!

  • Is equipment provided?
Yes, equipment provided although some people prefer to buy their own gloves.

  • Is there car parking?

  • Are the participants friendly?
Yes, all the class participants are fun enjoy a giggle and have the same interests...

  • Is this instructor male or female?
Female friendly based workouts on fun and fitness

  • Is it belts / fitness only? 
No belts - purely fun and fitness.

     Do I need to sign anything?

A consent form/readiness to participate in a fitness class outlining usual risk factors.